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Generate more revenue with post-acute referrals from your hospital and emergency department.

BoardRounds provides a technology-enabled concierge service to improve the care coordination and referral process. BoardRounds combines patient engagement messaging with personalized interventions and appointment scheduling to make sure patients leaving the ER or hospital see the right provider at the right time in your network for their next step in care.

  • Increase referral revenue

    50% of post-acute referrals are sent to the wrong provider, sent out of network, or result in a no-show. We bring patients to the correct provider with the highest show rates in the industry.

  • Improve patient satisfaction

    Patients remember the exceptional service they receive after their post-acute visit, increasing HCAHPS scores and improving network retention.

  • Deliver an integrated, high-touch care experience

    Give patients the level of service and technology they've come to expect from their healthcare providers.

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75% of emergency room patients are sent home with instructions to seek additional care, but less than half follow through. Make sure patients in your health system receive primary care, specialist, and imaging follow-up in your network.

The Benefits

More high-quality

We increase post-acute referrals, and match patients to the correct providers.

Reduce no-shows and inappropriate visits

We match patients with the appropriate providers in your network.

Reduce hospital readmissions and ED revisits

Avoid readmission penalties and claim pay-for-performance incentives.

Improve coordination of care

ACOs and PCMHs, rejoice. Ensure your patients receive timely, integrated care.

Incredible analytics

Be empowered with rich data. Visualize referral patterns and identify gaps in care.

No IT needed

We'll integrate with your EMR, or use us as a standalone service and go live today.

How it Works



Your staff or our concierges request follow-up care at the point of discharge.



Our algorithms create a profile for each patient, which we use to identify appropriate resources.



We match services and appointments to each patient, and confirm appointment completion.



You track follow-up with sophisticated analytics, including appointment completion rates.

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